Biotex is a fan of you!!
We are ready to cheer for all of you!!!

To Cheer:
a shout of encouragement, a special shout or words to chant, used by spectators to encourage an athletic team

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What does "be a fan" mean?
Cheer for us is enjoy sports adventures and challanges!

Cheer is good for us, makes us cheerful!!!

With this enthusiasm, we would say to the teams and athletes who we sponsore: "Good Luck!!!"

This year Biotex is the official sponsor for the technical underwear of some professional cycling teams, Team Androni Giocattoli, NIPPO Vini Fantini Europa Ovini, Israel Cycling Academy and Trevigiani Phonix Hemus 1896. For MTB, Torpado-Südtirol-International

Not only great names, but also non-professional teams but that with determination will face their challenges: Team Lombardo Bike (Mtb) Team Ravens fixed (Fixed-shot bike), Green Paper Trek cycling team and Cps professional team (Road cycling )

There is no shortage of individual athletes and instructors from various disciplines: Mattia Fenati (Parachutist), Shanty Cipolli, (Freeskier), Stefano Rigoni (Triathlete), Gianluca Galeati (trail runner) Stefano Balestracci (MTB Rider) Davide Guarnieri (Honda Red Moto Racing Rider) Luca Marconi (Yamaha Rider), Marco Morando (Cyclist e Personal Coach), Aldo Zanardi (Mtb Rider), Lorenzo Pedri (Motocross Rider) , Alessandra Donati (Golfer), Loretta Pavan (Cyclist).

Let me find you! We want to be a fan of you!
Use #biotex and we will find you!

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