Water Resistant Leg Warmer

Product Code:BL8
Leg Warmer with waterproof treatment


vestibilità del capoTemperatura - massima efficacia

Leg Warmer with waterproof treatment.
Realized in elasticized material, seamless, it guarantees maximum confort during sport activities.
The water slides away thank to the waterproof treatment, without compromise the breathability: in this way the thermo regulation is always perfect.
The Logo is only on the left leg. This article match whit all others products thank to its colour: dark grey.

 moisture management breathableextremely light elasticity (bi-stretch)ladderproofseamlessergonomic“waterproof”


Each Biotex line features unique elements that distinguish it for warmth, fit, compression and design, but all of them are intended to improve body performance during aerobic exercise.

When the temperatures drop is essential to use technical garment accessories. Warm Biotex accessories have small size but great efficiency: their sporty complete look, ensure a perfect protection and temperature regulation for an excellent comfort to the wearer. Details make the difference.


If properly cared for, you will be able to use your Biotex underwear for a long time. Biotex uses textiles created especially to be in contact with the skin. To prolong the special characteristics, it is advisable to wash your Biotex garments on a delicate cycle at a maximum temperature of 40° and then air dry them. Wash inside out. If these recommendations are not followed, we cannot ensure the effectiveness of the garments. They must absolutely never be ironed.
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