From the 16th to the 20th of March, Biotex was in Morocco during the Transmarocaine, a race stage in the suggestive African territory with the bicycle and on foot. This was possible thanks to Silva Scardovi and Vito Fiore. They were the only Italian couple at the competition and they have honored the Italian character and the Biotex brand also in the African land. In the recent days Silva came to our firm to talk about their beautiful experience and to give an opinion about the Biotex products they have used.

The experience was an occasion to discover beautiful landscapes. They have covered 300 kilometers in 5 days: 250 kilometers by bike and 50kilometers on foot passing through mountains, hills, desert, level ground and facing the most extreme temperatures and climate conditions: from the cold snow to the hot temperatures, from the freezing wind to the pouring rain.

Talking about the Biotex products, Silva confirmed that they were, once again, perfect and winning. The opinion about the vests was excellent: they maintain the skin warm and expel rapidly the sweat to the external. The Biotex socks are excellent: stable and breathable. Perfect the balaclava, versatile and adapted to different usages. The only little problem they have found was with the arm and leg warmers: they are insulating but unfortunately sometimes they stuck to the brambles during their extreme excursions in the backward forests. Despite this little problem, the Biotex products confirmed their excellent qualities that mark the Italian company in the technical underwear field. Biotex, an always winning choice not only for the professional people but also for people who, like Silva and Vito, use the bike for passion and enjoyment.