The new bib short BL1, inserted in the summer collection 2015, represents a really breakthrough for Biotex, already leader in the technical underwear field.

The main features of the garment are:

  • the seamless technology, apart from the integrated pad, in order to favour better comfort and less overheating.
  • the double elastic mesh, that adapts as a second skin and shapes the body musculatures.
  • the different thickness and the openwork weaves that guarantee breathability, maintaining the body fresh and dry.

Moreover we have also to consider the most important news about the material of production: more of the 80% of the garment is realized in Emana®, a based on polyamide 6.6  material with the addition of a bioactive crystals’ mix, incorporated in the polymeric matrix. During the physical activity, our body produces continuously energy that is issued in the form of heat in order to maintain the body thermo-regulated and to leave our metabolism to work accurately. Emana®, thanks to their bioactive crystals, absorbs the heat issued by the body and emanates Far Infrared that interact with the body, stimulating it.

The  Emana®’s benefits are scientifically certified by a lot of  texts made by Kosmoscience Institute, independent and specialized laboratory that follows precise and controlled documents. Moreover Emana® is certified by Oeko-Tex Class 1, guaranteeing the complete absence of dangerous and toxic substances for human people.

  • It guarantees the improvement of the performances, reaching the best strength without causing additional damages to the athletes;
  • It offers an improvement of the skin microcirculation that guarantees an homogeneous distribution of the body heat;
  • It allows a less consumption of oxygen;
  • It improves the complete well-being.

The material is  really unique: the proprieties remain unchanged also after  a lot of washings. Finally, it is non-allergic and eco-friendly: easy to wash and to dry, the garment is realized with a complete reuse of water.