From the 10th of April to the 10th of May, Biotex was in Milan at the Pure Disclosure exhibition, an artistic project, started in the 2014 and culminated in a really particular exhibition, full of significance and extremely interesting.

For the exhibition, Biotex has created tailor-made products, satisfying the needs and the creativity of the Italian artist Andrea Magnani.

The exhibited works recall the rhetorical products of contemporary reality, globalized and interconnected, validated both by the communication strategies typical of a business context and by their own intrinsic aura, in contrast with the aspect of post-capitalistic consumer goods. The exhibited works overstep the common cosmetic exhibition approach although they represent its universe. Through this alienation they therefore reflect the conception mechanisms of contemporary visual culture in its theoretical and consumptive paradoxes.

The exhibition was a really a national and international success. It has obtained good valuations and judgments by the visitors and by the expert of the sector. For Biotex it was an occasion to be in Milan during the first opening days of Expo and to become more and more international.