The 31st  of May finished the 98th Giro d’Italia. The team for which Biotex is the technical underwear sponsor (Androni Giocattoli, Nippo Vini Fantini e Southeast Pro Cycling Team) were protagonists of the race. Even if they did not obtain any stage’s victory, the tenacity of the athletes was winning, as the technical underwear they wore.

The Androni Giocattoli was undoubtedly protagonist of this Giro d’Italia. There were men in the breaks for the most part of the races; indeed Marco Bandiera won the award “Fuga del Giro”, paying back all the efforts of the team. Always Bandiera was the best in the intermediated sprints’ rank. The Androni Giocattoli has nearly achieved the victory of a stage for two times with Oscar Gatto and Franco Pellizzotti. Good job guys!

Also the Southeast Pro Cycling Team was a protagonist of the Giro d’Italia, most of all in the typically for sprinters stages; the athletes obtained a fifth place with Alessandro Petacchi, at his last participation at the Giro d’Italia, a third place with Monsalve, two fourth places with Manuel Belletti, obtaining the best position with the second place of Matteo Busato in the Forlì’s finishing line. Congratulation to everybody!

Unfortunately the misfortune was protagonist for the team Nippo Vini Fantini: Daniele Colli and Damiano Cungeo, victims of two falls, were obliged to leave the race. The other boys of the team obtained as best places, a third position with Malaguti and a fifth one with Grosu. We have to underline that the orangeblue team won the Fair Play award, example of correctness and sportsmanship.  Congratulations!

The cycling season has not finished yet and we are sure that our boys could make a good impression in the races to they will take part, always with the Biotex performing, ergonomic and breathable technical underwear. Good luck to everyone!!