PRO Socks

Product Code:1013
Breathable Socks in elasticized material


Temperatura - massima efficacia

PRO Socks use a combination of yarns to create a soft, lightweight yet resilient sock suitable for all season.
Moreover, different weaves made this socks extremely breathable.
The elastane yarn guarantees elasticity and high comfort: the high cuff and the elastic weave that surround the feet prevent the change of position of the sock.
Minimal design mixed with knitted Logo on the back part of the sock, make these socks an evergreen product.
Available in 4 colours: Classic black, Turquoise light blue, Intense red and Emerald green.

moisture managementbreathableextreamely light


Each Biotex line features unique elements that distinguish it for warmth, fit, compression and design, but all of them are intended to improve body performance during aerobic exercise.

Technical accessories and complements suitable 365 days a year. Biotex proposes underwear forefront for all weathers. With more of 20 years of italian experience, Biotex is always forefront for the better technology research about underwear for who practice his favorite sport in all weather conditions.


If properly cared for, you will be able to use your Biotex underwear for a long time. Biotex uses textiles created especially to be in contact with the skin. To prolong the special characteristics, it is advisable to wash your Biotex garments on a delicate cycle at a maximum temperature of 40° and then air dry them. If these recommendations are not followed, we cannot ensure the effectiveness of the garments. They must absolutely never be ironed
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