Long Thermal Sock

Product Code:1026


Temperatura - massima efficacia

Thermal long socks made of Technotrans fabric.
It guarantees thermal insulation and sweat perspiration thanks to its bilayer with inner sponge points: the polypropyene tissue carries sweat outside where the cotton absorbs it and holds the body heat.
The reinforced seams on points and hells allows the best tensile strength while the fabric, soft and comfortable to the touch, embraces the leg up to the knee to assure a better thermal insulation.
Ideal for the most rigid temperatures, it is suitable for all sports and also for everyday life.

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Each Biotex line features unique elements that distinguish it for warmth, fit, compression and design, but all of them are intended to improve body performance during aerobic exercise.

TECHNOTRANS is the line of underwear characterised by a dual-layered fabric with a terrycloth layer inside: this insulating fabric protects you even from the coldest temperatures. Suitable for those who practice winter sports in the mountains, cycling, and motorcycling, as well as extreme sports like skydiving.

Double layer of polypropylene yarn BTX to have double warmth and breathability.


If properly cared for, you will be able to use your Biotex underwear for a long time. Biotex uses textiles created especially to be in contact with the skin. To prolong the special characteristics, it is advisable to wash your Biotex garments on a delicate cycle at a maximum temperature of 40° and then air dry them. If these recommendations are not followed, we cannot ensure the effectiveness of the garments. They must absolutely never be ironed