Technical underwear for extreme sports
Technical underwear for extreme sports
Biotex dresses your yearning for freedom
If you envision sports above all as challenging yourself, you are sure to find the ally you have been seeking in Biotex. Head out to discover unknown lands, reach peaks, ride air, water, or snow: no matter what sport you choose to practice, Biotex technical underwear will succeed in giving you protection and safety without ever interfering with your yearning for freedom.
Thanks to BTX polypropylene fibre, an high-tech fabric used in the various models of the Biotex lines, we create a series of garments that adapt to your body and its movements, enhancing your agility, resistance, and strength.
Biotex ensures:
Protection: from atmospheric agents, snow, cold and wind.
Breathability: for skin that is always dry and cool in summer and warm in winter.
The right garment to take on any element
If you love skydiving, paragliding, or hang-gliding, Biotex has created the WINDBIOTEX line, a series of anti-wind and anti-rain underwear that protects you at any time...even when you take your most exciting leaps.
A body that is always warm, protected from the winter cold, thanks to Biotex thermal underwear:
TECHNOTRANS, suitable for even the coldest climates;
BIOFLEX WARM and BIOFLEX WARM KOMPRESSION, combine the insulating quality of the fabric with a high capacity of muscular compression.
For those who challenge winter by snowboarding, skiing, or mountaineering.
Rock climbing
Do you feel one with the mountains? The same for Biotex: rock climbing requires sportswear that leaves your body plenty of freedom, like the technical underwear of the BIOLUX line.
If you have chosen to push yourself beyond all limits and cross the desert, Biotex has developed the wide mesh technical underwear line dubbed POWER and POWERFLEX: to adapt to the daytime aridity and night-time cold.