Technical underwear for who practices golf
Technical underwear for golf
A line of sportswear dedicated to those seeking comfort without compromising the classic style of Italian knitwear quality.
Never lose your concentration.
Biotex dresses up your best athletic performances, those when your body and mind are fully focused on the action and you always keep your eye on the ball, from the tee to the cup. The BIOFLEX line by Biotex is particularly suited for golfers: these garments with a weave that is subdivided into zones of differentiated compression to guarantee the right pressure on various muscles. In this way circulation is improved, thanks to an increased oxygen supply and warmer muscles, preparing your body to take action.
Uniquely lightweight
The BIOFLEX garments are known for being uniquely lightweight, like a gentle caress, and because they protect you from temperatures and atmospheric agents during the summer and milder seasons. This line is perfect for people like you, who love outdoor sports and seek out direct contact with nature without having to fear the elements. The BIOFLEX line makes you feel comfortable at any moment, whether during training and during matches: the garments are breathable and do not absorb sweat. They are also anti-bacterial and prevent the formation of odours. Their versatility makes these garments suitable for any type of outdoor sport.