Technical underwear for hunting and fishing
Technical underwear for hunting and fishing
Essential underwear for any hunter or fisherman, highly functional, it guarantees comfort and protection from heat and cold.
Comfort even in the most difficult situations.
Avid hunters and fishermen know well that their clothing must fulfil precise needs: it must be practical, comfortable, and guarantee the utmost protection for all-day excursions into the great outdoors, even in the most extreme climates. Those who fish or stand hunt sometimes remain in one place sometimes for several hours. For this reason they need clothing that protects them from the cold. On the other hand, stalk and spot hunters require very breathable underwear that facilitates the evaporation of sweat. Biotex has developed two lines of technical underwear to ensure the utmost comfort for hunters and fishermen during both summer and winter months.
Breathable and lightweight: technical underwear for summer
POWER is the technical wide mesh underwear with flat seams to prevent any irritating chafing against the skin. The fabric is anti-bacterial, anti-odour, and guarantees refreshing insulation, making it particularly suited to hunting and fishing expeditions in hot weather. It is breathable and allows sweat to evaporate outward so it does not remain in contact with the skin.
Insulating and comfortable: the thermal underwear for autumn and winter
TECHNOTRANS is a thermal line of underwear for those who go hunting and fishing during the winter months, as it is suitable for even the harshest of climates. The dual thermal layer ensures total insulation from outdoor temperatures and maintains a constant body heat. The fabric is anti-bacterial, breathable, and absorbs sweat and odours.