Mountain Bike con intimo termico Biotex

Technical underwear for mountain bike

Release your energy and discover the nature around you. Physical and mental resistance, balance, driving ability and self-sufficiency are the fundamental features for the mountain biking activity. In order to ride in calmness it is also necessary a comfortable, breathable and ergonomic technical underwear: what exactly BIOTEX offers.

The mountain biking could be practiced almost everywhere but most of all in cross county paths, rural areas, woods, pine groves, narrow paths, all with specific bicycles to augment the firmness on the irregular soil. It is a sport that considers both competitiveness and amusement. The world of the mountain biking is always in evolution: what today is amusement, tomorrow could be competition, or vice versa.

Considering the adventurous nature of this sport, the biker could face different climate conditions. For this reason the clothing has to be a right compromise between breathability and protection.

With the BIOTEX products wind, cold, hot, rain will be faced in the best possible way always maintaining the body dry in the winter seasons and fresh in the summer period. All this allows you to totally appreciate the natural beauties that surround you during your sport activity.

Ready to start a new adventure in mountain bike with BIOTEX?