Technical underwear for skiing
Technical underwear for skiing
Underwear that protects without suffocating you: thermal Biotex underwear is dedicated to those who love winter sports.
The blanket of snow lies before you. A perfectly white and pristine slope. Just waiting for your departure and speed.
You have nothing to fear, neither the frost nor a sudden darkening of the sky. Because you are wearing the best hi-tech protection available: Biotex thermal underwear.
Protection and freedom of movement.
Choosing underwear for sports is the fundamental starting point to do your best on the slopes: the first layer you put on is the one that makes difference. Biotex has created a line of underwear suitable for staying in direct contact with the skin, able to guarantee high levels of breathability and maintaining a constant body temperature. These are garments specially designed for those who go skiing, mountaineering, snowboarding, and hiking during winter months.
Extreme temperature changes are not a problem
Biotex underwear is created in BTX polypropylene fibre, a material that protects you even from the coldest climates and, at the same time, improves your athletic performance even on ice.
Biotex ensures::
A close fit that guarantees maximum protection from the elements: cold and wind cannot even make contact with your body. Biotex thermal underwear is warm and comfortable, but it also keeps you agile and it is thin and fitted. No chills, just protection and comfort!
High breathability: sweat does not remain on the skin, but evaporates outward, so that your body stays dry and it is not subject to the cold.
Thermal underwear and graduated compression: BIOFLEX is the line of thermal underwear with graduated compression: this means that your muscles are literally bound by the fabric, stimulating circulation, increasing heat, and insulating from the outdoors. You can choose from BIOFLEX WARM, underwear for those who love skiing and mountain sports in the winter, and BIOFLEX KOMPRESSION WARM, which guarantees a high level of muscular compression. TECHNOTRANS is the line of underwear made with a dual layer of fabric with terrycloth inside to create an insulating cushion of air to maintain a constant body temperature, even while you are practicing sports in the most extreme temperatures.