BTX a unique fibre

BTX a unique fibre
Lighter than water, it frees your yearning for movement, guaranteeing comfort and protection whenever you need: training, competition, or free time recreation. BTX fibre is like a second skin with optimal performance; a thin layer of high technology that transforms any effort you make into pure energy. This is the fibre we use to make all Biotex technical underwear.
Each garment is designed and made by hand, as Italian knitwear tradition dictates. Our garments are conceived for those who practice sports at all levels, from the simplest physical activities to extreme sports. Moreover, our underwear is also designed to guarantee comfort and protection in your everyday activities, including work and free time. To help you dealing with all the moments of your life with drive and determination.
A second skin, a new skin
Exceeding your own limits, transforming adversity into strong points, exploiting every curve to gain momentum and reach the finish line: wearing Biotex underwear boosts and amplifies your performance. Your body is protected, but you never lose one instant of contact with nature, with the challenge or with the destination to reach. A second skin that you will not even notice grants you the lightness and freedom to optimize your performance.
Ready for every season
The climate becomes an ally, because Biotex technical underwear knows how to make it work in your favour: not even one drop of sweat on your skin, no loss of energy, no sudden changes in temperature. BTX is insulating and water-repellent: your body stays dry, active, and responsive, warm in the dead of winter and cool during the dog days of summer. No external agent comes between you and your objective. It is breathable: sweat does not remain on your skin, but is transferred to the fabric and from the fabric it is expelled outwards. In this way, the microclimate between the skin and the underwear you are wearing remains constant, comfortable and natural. It is very protective: your temperature finds its balance with the external temperature, so you do not feel any waste of energy or decrease in strength.
Garments with graduated compression
Biotex has created a line of graduated compression garments for the utmost comfort and best results in all the sports you practice. Compression garments optimize performance due to an increase in the oxygen supply to muscles, stimulating circulation, and reducing vibrations to limit the risk of cramps. Biotex underwear naturally adapts to your musculature and movements. This line of underwear is indicated for training, competitions, rehabilitation, or for any daily activities that may bring about fatigue or stress, like long trips or jobs that require several hours on your feet.
To each body, its own garment
We leave nothing to chance when we create our sports underwear, because we know the body and how it moves. Each of our garments is designed and woven while taking into account breathability and ventilation. We produce lines of garments for diverse fits, which adapt perfectly to the body in movement: soft, contoured, elasticized, and with compression.
Keeping your skin healthy
Biotex underwear is hypoallergenic, and so tolerated even by the most sensitive skins subject to irritations. It is anti-bacterial, fungus-, mildew-, and moth-resistant. It does not generate unpleasant odours because BTX does not absorb sweat, but lets the skin breathe, even under the most extreme climatic conditions. The materials used are inert and noble, and do not react with the chemical agents produced by sweating. It is a high quality material: Biotex fabrics are completely safe, having passed harmful substance testing and because the colours used to dye the garments are hypoallergenic.
Biotex keeps you in mind - before, during, and after sports
Biotex garments are 100% ecological and recyclable: the production process does not cause any chemical or thermal pollution or waste waters with chemical decolourants or colourants. Because those who love sports, whether a jog in the neighborhood park or a climb to the tallest mountain peak, understand that nature is an integral part of the challenge faced every day. And they respect it. Biotex garments are easy to maintain: they can be machine washed at low temperatures, they dry quickly, and need no ironing. They are resistant to dirt, abrasion, wear, and washing. They will not matt, pill or shrink.