Powerflex fabric seamless
POWERFLEX the inimitable bielastic mesh
It adapts to your musculature thanks to its ergonomic structure.
Powerflex is the line of Biotex garments that ensures your best performance, thanks to its ergonomic structure and contoured fit, designed to adapt perfectly to your musculature. The fabric is elasticized both vertically and horizontally, is seamless, will not ladder, and is extremely resistant to wear and washing. Its light weight and high breathability maintain a constant body temperature during training and competition.
Not only underwear
Powerflex is an innovative line of clothing: Biotex has created a series of sophisticatedly styled garments that are perfect for wearing both as underwear or in the gym or for running. These are garments conceived for outdoor living during warm weather between 10 to 40 degrees: they let the skin breathe to maintain a constant temperature and channel sweat outwards, to prevent sudden changes or drops in temperature. They are ideal for those who love cycling and motorcycling and never want to stop.
Powerflex Warm is the Powerflex line of technical underwear dedicated to lovers of winter sports and outdoor activities during the coldest months of the year. This line of underwear is highly insulating, to keep your body warm and protected, even under extreme climatic conditions. So your hunger for sport can be satiated year round.