Biotex: innovation and technology at the 2015 Giro d’Italia.

Biotex, leader in technical underwear, follows for this year a lot of cyclists of the Giro d’Italia. We will be on the beautiful Italian streets dressing three teams that have obtained the Wild Card to participate to this historical competition.



The most important news in 2015: this team will dress Biotex for the ongoing season. After a one year pause, a bond with our firm has been renovated. A bond made by enthusiasm, self-denial and professionalism. The team obtained and still obtains excellent results both in the national and in the international field.



International team that develops a more and more globalised cycling arriving to the far away Japan. Determination and desire to win are important features both for the athletes and for Biotex. For 2015 the team counts on Damiano Cunego, who has already won the Giro d’Italia. Biotex will be technical official sponsor of the team, reinforcing a perfect union to obtain the best performances.



A new name but the same essence. What last year was the Yellow Fluo team, for this season, will dress Biotex underwear. A long-lasting and winning marriage that develops continuously. We have confirmation of this in the excellent results obtained by the athletes until now. A family before a team and also Biotex has become a member of this family.


Our firm dresses not only these teams but also a Continental Team and a Feminine one.


A team created with young hopefuls in cycling with good possibilities of improvement. Born after the MG K-vis Wilier Trevigiani, the team is ambitious and longing for well doing, conscious of their capabilities. Biotex gives to the team its elevate competence for the ongoing season, assuring resistance during the effort.



The season of cycling is arriving and the firm born in Faenza will be partner of the Top Girls Fassa Bortolo team. Biotex will be technical official sponsor of the team: it offers competence and technology at the service of selected young women. Two of them have been called up with the national team. This allows Biotex to attend world-wide also in the feminine field.


During 2015 Biotex takes the field also with the Virtual Team: sportspeople who practice not only cycling but also parachuting, triathlon, skicross and mtb. Athletes who consider sport as a school of life. They share their thoughts and their moods in an always updated blog.

Biotex offers excellent and state-of-the-art products. This is one of our key points even if we continue to consider our past and our handmade knitwear.

The Biotex Team works with diligence in order to achieve always better results. We follow the athletes step by step up to the finishing line hoping that the course will be always uphill: a successful uphill struggle.

Dressing Biotex: an added value in sport.