Biotex returns on the web with a completely renewed website.

Layout and clarity were our most important objectives, that we have tried to reach with a clear and minimal graphic, that stands out our products and their qualities.

We have simplified the research method of the garments in order to let you find, rapidly, the technical underwear for your sport activity. You can surf through our different underwear and accessory categories, leaf through our catalogues, write on the search box the item you are looking for.

You can find out the different technologies that Biotex has created for you, starting from the polypropylene BTX fiber and the features that make these technologies unique and adaptable to the most different needs. So, whatever sport you have chosen to practice, a summer or a winter sport, a team or an individual sport, a traditional or an extreme sport, you can always find the item you need.

We have also renewed the blog, where our athletes will tell you their adventures and their competitions. They will write about their experiences, their lives, their desire to take a challenge and to overcome themselves.

Exactly as, for many years, Biotex continues to do.