Cycling with thermal Biotex underwear
Technical underwear for cycling
Biotex's mission is to dress champions: the garments of this Faenza-based firm have led to the victory of some of the biggest names in Italian cycling, like Cipollini, Simoni, and Savoldelli.
Hands firmly on handlebars, heart pumping blood through every vein, and face a mirror of concentration. You start.
As soon as you mount up, you discover what you were lacking was freedom. Freedom from cars, responsibilities, and exhaust fumes. Your skin can finally breath, now that it has shaken off the clothes that society obliges you to wear every day. Now you are wearing speed.
And technology..the one Biotex has to offer, a fibre that knows precisely what you are looking for: lightweight, breathable, protective.
Biotex accompanies the cyclist from training to competition.
BIOTEX technical underwear can be easily recognised, thanks to these features:
Insulating, they act as a thermoregulator for your temperature, so that your skin remains cool in summer and warm in winter.
Breathable, as it conveys sweat outwards, preventing sudden changes in temperature and quick cooling, while keeping your muscles healthy, agile, and responsive.
Hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial, mildew-proof and odour-proof, it protects your skin even during the most extreme exertion.
Ergonomic, it seconds your body and movements, guaranteeing comfort and freedom of movement.
The result? An energetic and responsive athletic performance with no restrictions or fatigue.
Cycling is a lifestyle.
Whether you are a professional athlete or a cycling enthusiast, you always demand only the highest performance possible. You discover you have calves that will not give up and a sense of challenge you never knew existed.
Uphill stretches are not an obstacle, but rather part of the nature that surrounds you. And descents are not an excuse to rest. The seasons come and go with their moods, but nothing can distract you from your objective.
You are a body and a frame, and you never stop.
With BIOTEX accessories freedom is always just beyond the next curve.