Football with technical underwear Biotex
Technical underwear for football
A line that is perfect for those who love playing football, at any level and at any age.
Biotex creates technical underwear to meet the needs of those who play one of the most popular and widespread sports in the world. Even the most demanding footballers will find a series of lightweight and breathable underwear that always leaves their skin dry and cool, even during the most exciting matches.
Reflex, a second skin
REFLEX is the technical clothing line made of a soft and elasticized fabric, a second skin in BTX polypropylene fibre. It is breathable, expels sweat, and does not cause redness or irritations. Perfect for outdoor sports in spring, summer, and autumn.
Bioflex, differentiated compression underwear
For footballers seeking the best performance, whether while training or competing, Biotex has created the BIOFLEX technical underwear line: compression underwear that acts on the zones of the body in a differentiated way. The muscularity is emphasised, the oxygen supplies to the muscles and circulation is improved, the body is ready to respond to physical efforts without fear of cold or cramps.