Technical underwear for motorcycling
Technical underwear for motorcycling
The moment you got on your motorcycle, you understood immediately that it would be impossible to get off. And so you continued, curve after curve. And you never stopped.
Your passion knows no limits, time, or seasons.
Just like Biotex technical underwear.
Biotex creates different lines of technical underwear for those who love travelling on motorcycles and scooters. These garments are comfortable and extremely versatile, as they adapt perfectly to both city commutes and leisurely itineraries along winding hillside roads. Biotex underwear are made in BTX polypropylene fibre: wear them under your riding suit and you will be surprised at how lightweight protection can be provided by just one fabric.
BIOTEX technical underwear meets all the motorcyclists needs:
it is lightweight, practical and comfortable to wear,
it is breathable, as sweat does not remain on the skin, but evaporates outward through the fabric,
it guarantees the thermoregulation of body heat, keeping you dry and cool in summer, but warm in winter,
it allows unmatched freedom of movement.
Biotex produces various lines of technical underwear, some of which are particularly suitable for meeting the needs of motorcyclists:
POWERFLEX, the bielastic ergonomic mesh that enhances your musculature is available in two versions: the basic line is ideal for warm weather, while the POWERFLEX WARM line protects you from cold during winter outings.
REFLEX, underwear that is like a second skin, suitable for those who use a motorbike every day, both in the city and during free time. REFLEX WARM protects you on even the coldest days of the year.
BIOFLEX, this line of differentiated compression underwear notably improves your performance thanks to a greater supply of oxygen to the muscles.
TECHNOTRANS, dual-layered technical underwear that follows you wherever you go, guaranteeing quality, protection and comfort all winter long.