Nordic Walking with thermal Biotex underwear


Technical underwear for nordic walking

Born in Finland as training of the cross country skiers, the Nordic walking is a new sport that has rapidly spread worldwide. It could be practiced all year long. For this sport BIOTEX offers a complete range of technical underwear, ideal both for cold winter temperatures and for hot summer days. You feel like wearing a second invisible skin and your body will be thermo-regulated.

But, what is exactly Nordic walking? We can describe it as a walk done with specific poles, used not as a support but as a push, that allow to develop resistance, strength and muscular coordination. An activity for everyone which is more than the 40% effective than the normal walk.

The benefits of this sport, defined as “the best Finnish invention after the sauna” are really a lot: doing Nordic Walking you use the 90% of the muscles, you progress the posture and the muscular tone, you strengthen the immune system and you improve the oxygenation developing also the cardiovascular system.

Moreover all the BIOTEX technical products guarantee breathability and they are all ergonomic to freely walk in contact with the nature.

Nordic walking: total wellness.