Technical underwear for running
Technical underwear for running
Underwear for all seasons: breathable, versatile, and lightweight.
Since you began running, you have gained an understanding of the hidden power in your legs, with muscles that had been waiting to respond. You understood what it means to possess an independence won with your own sweat, and that no one can take that away from you. Biotex can only help you to improve and reach your best performance, thanks to a garment studies especially to maintain a constant body temperature in both good and bad weather.
Keep running, whether it is cold or hot outside.
Biotex produces numerous lines of technical underwear suitable for those who love outdoor sports like running. Garments that protect you from sudden temperature changes and facilitate the evaporation of sweat outwards, away from your skin. Running enthusiasts, from long-distance runners preparing for a marathon to Sunday-morning joggers, will find the technical underwear best suited to their needs.
POWERFLEX, garments made in bielastic mesh, seamless to prevent chafing against the skin while running. This line is available in both summer and winter models. These garments can be worn perfectly either as underwear or outerwear.
REFLEX WARM, elasticized technical underwear that protects you from the cold while running and training during winter months, thanks to its soft and comfortable structure.
BIOFLEX, a line of graduated compression garments that adapt perfectly to your body and guarantee an increased oxygen supply to muscles to sustain you while jogging, training, or competing. Available in both summer and winter lines.