BELIKE challenge your limits - Emana®
Born the first outwear line of Biotex
It adapts to your musculature thanks to its ergonomic structure.
Born Belike the first line of outerwear garments, after the success and the twenty years of experience in the development and production of technical underwear for sport Biotex decides to go further. The outfit belike is composed by BL1 Bib Shorts + BL2 Short Sleeve Jersey or BL3 Long Sleeve Jersey, all garments are made starting from the innovative Emana® yarn. Wearing garments made with this yarn brings in fact many benefits. By tests it has been observed an improvement in skin microcirculation, better thermoregulation of the skin and a consequent overall well-being. Under  the point of view of the performance instead it has been observed an increase of resistance and improved performance.
Mode of operation
The workings that leads to having these benefits is the following: inside the yarn are present particles that convert the thermal energy generated by the human body in Fir (Far InfraRed). Subsequently they reflect its on the skin tissue generating a deep warming but at the same time delicate. The light heat promotes skin microcirculation and gently stimulates muscles, helping to maintain constant the body temperature and reducing the consumption of oxygen, ensuring less muscle fatigue
Thought for cycling
This line is designed specifically to meet the needs of cyclists, even the most demanding. The garments are thought for sporting activity at temperatures between + 5 ° and + 40 °, and it is in wicking where we can see the experience gained by Biotex. The perforated weave and the different thicknesses allow to have a body always dry and cool even in the hottest months of the year. Comfort is another point in favor of Belike. The seamless combined with stretch fabric, that fits all physique, make these garments extremely comfortable.
All Emana® benefits are validated by several Clinical Tests conducted by specialized independent laboratories, following scientific protocols in controlled experiments.
Emana® is certified Oeko-Tex Class 1, as a guarantee of the absence of harmful or toxic substances for humans.