BIOFLEX multitexture active zone
BIOFLEX multitexture active zone
Graduated compression underwear to improve your athletic performance
Bioflex is the Biotex line with differentiated compression. The elasticized seamless fabric is lightweight, breathable, and soft to the touch. It keeps your body dry and cool, even when temperatures soar. Flex technology was studied to guarantee a contoured fit, capable of adapting to every body and highlighting the musculature. Graduated compression garments improve your performance because they help increase the oxygen supply to muscles and reduce vibrations. Thanks to differentiated compression zones for different parts of the body, your musculature is protected and stimulated to get the most out of every movement.
Lightweight and breathable
Bioflex garments are extremely versatile and can be used as either underwear or outerwear for running or in the gym. Very lightweight and breathable, they are suited to outdoor sport activities during the hottest seasons. Choose Bioflex underwear if you love cycling or motorcycling and you are looking for lightweight fabric and breathability at every curve, downhill, or uphill stretch. Choose it for its unmatched comfort when practicing all your favourite individual or team sports. You will feel like wearing the very essence of freedom.
Multitexture elasticized thermal
The Bioflex Warm line was created especially for those who practice winter sports or train outdoors, even in the coldest climates. The thermal compression garments made in BTX fibre have a contoured fit that follows and highlights your musculature. They keep the body warm, insulated, and protected because they guarantee breathability and the elimination of sweat. Your skin is always dry and healthy because it doesn't feel sudden changes in temperature.
Biotex produces diverse versions of its thermal compression garments:
- Bioflex X Warm, with differentiated thermal compression, the natural evolution of technology.
- Bioflex Kompression Warm, which guarantees 30% more compression, for even better performance in sports, even in the coldest climates.
- Bioflex Wool Touch Warm, garments in BTX polypropylene, but specially made with a "wooly effect" for a softer, more natural texture and to guarantee warmth and softness.
Protection at any temperature
Bioflex Warm underwear protects your body from winter cold and is suitable for all mountain sports, like skiing, snowboarding, and trekking. It is an absolute must for cyclists and motorcyclists year round, for insatiable runners and for those who will not give up outdoor training sessions, not even for freezing temperatures. Bioflex Warm garments were intended as technical underwear, but can also be worn as outerwear.