BIOLUX the anti-bacterial
BIOLUX the anti-bacterial
Technical and classic: the versatility of Biolux underwear
Made entirely in polypropylene, Biolux underwear in channelized micro-mesh is close-fitting, making it technical and classic at the same time. It is lightweight and comfortable, while guaranteeing a limitless freedom of movement during any sports activity. BTX fibre is breathable and expels sweat, so your skin stays dry and your body temperature remains constant; you can wear it and always feel comfortable for your outdoor activities in spring, summer and autumn.
Ideal for all sports and as underwear for everyday
Biolux underwear is ideal for any sports activity, but are particularly ideal for those dedicated to all forms of cycling, on-track, on the road, and cross-country. The extreme freedom of movement guaranteed by the BTX fabric makes the garments stretchable and very comfortable for mountain activities, like climbing and trekking. Biolux underwear is also perfect for everyday wear.