POWER the tradition
PPOWER the tradition
Skin that is dry and cool at any temperature
Power garments by Biotex are made of a wide mesh with flat seams in 100% BTX polypropylene. Characterised by extreme lightness, they isolate your skin, guaranteeing a dry and refreshing effect at any temperature, even during more tiring activities. They are anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic, they don't absorb sweat and offer maximum breathability. Power fabric by Biotex guarantees maximum comfort from 10 to 40 degrees, in spring, summer, and autumn.
For those who love outdoor sports
Power underwear is a timeless classic for lovers of cycling who seek lightweight and comfortable sportswear. The garments are resistant and highly breathable, making them particularly suited for hunters and fishermen. They protect the skin during the most temperate seasons: so they are suitable for accompanying you in all your outdoor sports and recreational activities.