Technotrans fabric
TECHNOTRANS for a constant temperature
Thermal underwear to face winter
Technotrans is the series of technical garments for winter sports and outdoor activities in the coldest climates. The dual-layered fabric with internal terrycloth has a particular characteristic that makes it unique: it creates an insulating air cushion that maintains your temperature constant, preventing heat and cold from coming into contact with your skin. Reaching a high thermal comfort even when temperatures drop is fundamental for maintaining the body active and responsive and to fully enjoy your sports activities. The fabric in 100% BTX polypropylene is breathable, antibacterial, and hypoallergenic. It does not absorb sweat and odours, so your body is comfortable and self-confident in any situation.
Maximum protection during the most extreme sports
Technotrans is the thermal underwear line conceived for those who practice winter sports outdoors, because it protects you from freezing temperatures and the elements, leaving you with the comfort of living in total freedom and enjoying the fun of sports.
Technotrans is a must for avid skiers and mountaineers during the coldest months: indispensable for those who want to attain better cycling and motorcycling performances without worrying about the climate. Technical underwear is recommended for hunters and fishermen during the winter season, especially in cold and damp territories. And for skydivers who face freezing climates, Technotrans becomes an essential ally.
Biotex has also thought of those who do not practice extreme sports: thermal comfort makes a garment that is a pleasure to wear even as everyday underwear when winter strikes.