WINDBIOTEX breathable anti-wind wear
WINDBIOTEX breathable anti-wind wear
Favourable winds
Windbiotex has a highly technical line of underwear, reserved for those sportsmen who are seeking maximum protection and comfort during the most extreme activities. A series of anti-wind and anti-rain wear indicated for outdoor sports during the spring, autumn, and winter, even when temperatures drop. Windbiotex garments are constructed with 4 layers of fabric that is only 2 mm thick, ensuring your skin a constant temperature, enabling the utmost breathability, and the elimination of sweat outwards. In this way your body is always dry and you can face any challenge while feeling at your best and full of energy.
Extreme sports, extreme comfort
Windbiotex technical underwear is especially indicated for extreme sports like skydiving, because it guarantees the utmost protection from the wind and rain. The garments are also designed for those who practice cycling and are seeking the utmost comfort at any temperature.